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We're back! With even more features!


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Resource Team
Hello everyone! We're back up and running. With the return of @MinisterJay as well as myself we're here to try and get this website active again! We're adding a TON of new features to the website that will help give people incentive to come back and be active.

Firstly, we've announced this a while back but I'm reiterating it again. We have a currency system in place which allows you to buy a TON of stuff using the FREE forum currency.

  • Xy$ 8 - Anything in the resources that's less than $1
  • Xy$ 30 - Anything in the resources that's less than $5
  • Xy$ 50 - Anything in the resources that's less than $10

  • Xy$ 5 - Small Posting Package ( 1 topic & 3 posts on your forum)
  • Xy$ 5 - Website Review (I will go through and give an indepth review on your website/forum to include things you do to make it better)
  • Xy$ 8 - SEO Package (I will create a Web 2.0 Backlink, and post 3 backlinks on Verified Do-Follow Blogs (PA20+) for increased SEO)
  • Xy$ 100 - A Domain Name of your choice (That's available) for $10 or less.

  • Xy$ 10 - A random steam game code.
  • Xy$ 25 - A random steam game code of $15 or more in value.

Forum & Discord:
  • Xy$ 1.50 - Name Change.
  • Xy$ 10 - Get a post stickied for 1 week on either the forums, or discord.
  • Xy$ 100 - Light orange color name on both the forums and discord.
You can't tell me this doesn't look promising :3

On top of that we have a new feature as well! If you're an active member we will be adding your domain to our new and unique random website viewer! You're now able to click a button and check out a random website, this is a fun way for people to view different websites from active members of the community. From your personal forum, to if you own a game you can link you steam page, website, forum, product page, or anything you'd like.
It's on the homepage, and a place where EVERYONE can see it! become apart of this unique feature by simply being active on the community, and you'll be able to receive this reward!


Dalton Sayre

Towns Guard
I haven't had enough time/energy to make anything new for quite a while. I'm hoping to get back into it soon, I need this creative outlet. Cheers to a resurgence and a bright future!