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What Are Your RM Goals?

Ultimately, what is your hope with RPG Maker MV (large scale, small scale, long-term, short-term)? Are you looking to commercially sell your product across multiple online stores, or is this all about having a fun little hobby and making things for yourself and maybe a few others? Is game making a private matter for you, or a public announcement?

Personally, I see this as an informal coding project; as a computer science major, I'm looking to apply my skills to an app that will be available on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. I don't expect much success or to sell a bunch, but I do hope that someone buys it at some point, and that it finds a couple favorable reviews from the community.


The Artist formerly known as Kaimen
Resource Team
Being the artist I am, I use RPG Maker as a platform to get my music some use other than just sounding nice. I think since RM is so easy to understand, it's a great way to get things started. And since I'm not very experienced when it comes to composing, an easy way to get started is just what I need.
I would be the happiest little sponge on Earth if I eventually will be able to make music for games for a living. And I mean "real" living, not "starving artist" living. But that's not gonna happen for a looooooong time. :P


Digital Artist
Staff member
Resource Team
It's kind of a similar deal for me. I like learning the new art styles, I like seeing what new things I can do with my existing artwork, and yeah, making a few extra dollars here and there is nice. xD

Bizarre Monkey

To have fun, and make jaw-dropping laughter-inducing games that'll make the feels happen!

My goal, then, as a developer, is to touch people... no, god damn it! NOT IN THAT WAY!!! ...I mean I want to let people feel things that they didn't know they could feel, impress them beyond wits. I guess fame is my goal? Huh... but I also just love what I do, and I'll do it my way, and always will. I won't bring myself down to other levels to accomplish fame, if I'm gonna be famous, it's gonna be for me doing what I love doing.


Towns Guard
My RM goal is to create a rpg game that is good in its story, that people will enjoy playing.
Being a lousy artist, I will mainly be using the graphics from the system itself.
So, my game can only score story-wise.