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What Is The One Area of the Development Process You Find the Hardest?


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A question that has been floating in the miasma that is my mind is, when making a game in RMMV, what is one area of the development process you find the hardest, or want to improve upon?

Everyone is either a jack-of-all-trades, where they can do pretty much everything in their game, or they have one or 2 areas that they excel at, such as mapping, writing, database development, etc. For me, I find that, while I seem to be good at filling and creating the database, I suck at art. I've had people ask me to draw for them, even in it's simplest form, and I just say no, because I can't art. I have never been able to draw or create things from scratch. I can do some photo-manipulation and I can use pre-existing art to make a collage or promo image. But drawing itself... nope.

What about you guys? What is the area you find the hardest to develop in your game? Or what is an area you'd like to improve upon?
Well, I consider myself good at programming and eventing, and as you can see I like writing so I enjoy making the story and npcs...
But resources in general kill me.
Animations, charsets, tilesets, sounds and musics... it is such a waste of time to try to find one that not only I like - because that is easy - but that fits with what I need...


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Seems like I have the opposite problem, lol. I can make graphics for days, but as soon as I want to make a map, event, or anything else.... nope!

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Making animations is hella challenging, especially if they have to loop (like a walk cycle). That's something I'm very, very, veeeerrrry slowly getting better at.

In a difficulty league of its own is pugins and programming, I don't even know where to start. I entirely rely on community resources for that kind of thing, haha.

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I have to say my bugbear is graphics/art. I've never really been that good at it, so that's probably (ironically) the first thing I work on. LOL
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I do everything pretty balanced, with a skew towards art in my favor. I can manipulate existing code somewhat to get what I like done, but do not actually write code myself (although I do know what goes into programming - it's a matter of just never learning a language because of reasons). My main problem is finding a dedicated team! I have the worst luck in picking what teams I want to join. They either peter out of interest or drama ensues and they break up, or someone goes MIA, things like that. I am more productive alone, but I also really REALLY want to find a team environment. So I guess finding a team would be my weakness overall.


Database is my biggest enemy. It is very easy for me to think of ideas but once I hit enemies, making them interesting that doesn't degrade to forgettable random encounters drives me nuts.


Yeah. Finding/Making resources are a pain in the arse.
Music shouldn't be a problem, since I composing myself, but it takes so long to find the right inspiration, it's better to find someone else who works more professional.
But the most difficult part of the "real" development is to balance your battle system. Especially if it's a custom one, since every slight change may create a different gameplay. Even something trivial like having only 3 battling actors instead of 4.