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Which Should I do?

Magus Gar Kan

Towns Guard
I am at an impasse on what I should focus my creative energies on... However, a little context.

When I first started with RPG Maker it was back in high school and I had actually managed to get a full working game demo going... I had the prologue, some fancy cutscenes and the two initial story arcs all done.

It was met with a lot of criticism. I built it mostly out of RTP and used a lot of stock elements and was criticized for it, but given some praise on having at least a decent premise.

So I rebuilt the entire game from the ground up. I kept some elements from before, but took care in choosing my tilesets and created edited animations and sprites to create something custom. This was back in the early days where a lot could be found that was ripped from other games but that also meant that there were plenty of resources to comb through without breaking the bank. I did everything upfront to make the rest of the work easier... custom battle animations for every spell I wanted, every weapon... everything was done so I could just build the game from the foundations I had laid.

Then the hard-drive got fried during a lightning strike and I lost everything.

Years later, I got VX ACE and started over... bought mostly music resources as the stock resources found VX ACE suited the story I wanted to tell with even the minimal character maker.

and then, MV came out and the stock resources... aren't quite what I'm looking for, but its now the newest and greatest. I ended up with tons of dlc for it, and have even bought a few resource packs here and there.

But I go back and look at that unfinished start to the VX Ace version... and I wonder...

Is it worth going back and continuing the project on an older environment?

Or should I just continue trying to find some other story to tell using the current one?

I have ideas, concepts and sidestories that I want to tell with the resources I have, but none of them were ever as crystal clear as the one I had started so long ago. However, I currently lack the skill or capitol to bring those visual elements that I liked so much from that environment to MV.

I just am at a loss of what to work on.


That is a tricky one!
I am sorry to hear that some one cast a lightning spell on your hard drive!
That is evil!
(I hope you have a USB stick to back up your new work :)

I feel your dilemma, I did something very similar as well.
I spent hours and hours making my own animations on ACE (some times took a day just to make one!)
I bought some DLC that I really really liked and I was happy with what I was doing and the progress I was making.
Then MV came out.

I decided to start again on MV as I was told it's easier to export the game when it's done?
I was told people would stop making resources for Ace as people would be making MV graphics and scripts.
(Also MV came with control pad support built in which I love!)

So I remade my game I had on Ace on MV and I miss my animations so much :(

If you load your old Ace game up and you love it, I think you should stick with it.
Do you honestly want to start a new game? Only you can answer that :)

I would play a game on Ace or Mv. It would not put me off to play a game built on an older engine.
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