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Whispers of Fate Announcement


Hello all,

I just figured that I would finally announce my game, Whispers of Fate, just to see if I get anyone to be interested in my project.

First of all I'd like to say that I have technically been working on it for about 3 years now, though I have had some troubles with it and I, at one point, started the game from scratch again.

So I guess I should say I've been working on the story and how it's going to play out for the last 3 years.

It starts by giving you the backstory to my games world, the planet of Elaris.

1000 years ago a meteor made of crystal passed in front of the sun. It caused magnified light to burn the planet and make all but three kingdoms to become uninhabitable.

These three kingdoms are named Calaria, Brenon and Toria. My game takes place in Toria.

I don't really wanna give out any more spoilers about the backstory, otherwise it wont be any fun to read it for yourselves.

Anyway, you start the game as a 19 year old boy named Seth (or you can chose your own name for him if you wish), an orphan raised by the head of the Church of the town of Kaeda, Father Maru, who also raised his two best friends, Lu and Rain. Seth is a somewhat headstrong kind of guy, though he does think things through. He values his friends and is truly grateful for the kindness showed to him by Father Maru, Lu and Rain.

Lu is the eldest of the three, though he is quite oafish, making jokes all the time, not really understanding much of what's going on.

Rain is about a year younger than Seth, She's gifted with magic and the like. She's very capable and usually takes charge of the situation. She's very caring and would stick by her childhood friends no matter what.

I do have other characters though I don't want to spoil them.

Right now I'm trying to immerse the player in the world I have created.

I'm trying to introduce the characters in a way that feels like Seth has known them all his life. I want the player to be able to find out more about this world if they wish, to truly feel like this is a worked on story.

It takes me about an hour and a half to finish what I have completed so far. And that's with knowing what I'm doing.

I want this game to reward exploration, so I've been making extra areas to discover to give the player even more to do.

This is the starting area of the game, Fathrin Lake.

This is the second and biggest area I've created so far, Fathrin Pass.

Updated Fathrin Pass,

And the last area I'm going to show is the first town, Seth and friends home town of Kaeda.

Updated Kaeda,

Last of all, This is Seth.


And finally, Rain.

I look forward to hearing any interest you all might have in my project.

Thanks for your time! ~Jxudo
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I like the way your game looks so far, but Just a suggestion, stagger the cliffs a bit on your maps to make them look more natural.
Glad you like it!
And after you said that, looking at how straight the cliffs are made me realize that's not very good looking haha, so thanks for that!