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White City Set


Towns Guard
So hello again everyone! I decided to start a new thread for my White City Set project. It's been a while since I'm working on this set, there are some parts of it in my old thread about the trees, but I decided to make a dedicated thread for it. I'll start publishing the sample pieces here and the completed material in my blog, so please check it out and help me out getting it working.

A note before everything else, the way I'm sorting the tiles are not at all like RPG Maker MV tilesets. Although they are 48 pixel² size, they are not sorted in the way they could be used in RMMV right way. You need to use an image software to manipulate them (photoshop, illustrator, gimp). They are supposed to be used with parallax effect in RMMV so I strongly recommend learn about parallax mapping.
I apologize for any problems with the complexity of the pieces I sorted. I did my best to sort the tiles in the most easy way so you could make the buildings.

I'll use this thread to post the building sample and talk/answer anything related to them. I'll publish the link to my blog page so you could download the tiles. Check out Terms of Use as to free use of my material.

Without any further ado here starts the building samples:

The link for the tiles above: https://runeprojects.blogspot.com/2018/06/building-set-1.html
For the trees I used here you can download them here: https://runeprojects.blogspot.com/2018/06/birch-tree-set-1.html

The next one I'll release will be this:

It may take some time for me to finish the new pieces, I shall post here when they are done.

So thanks everyone for the support!
[doublepost=1529632092,1529298051][/doublepost]Updated with some ivies I've made:

I'm not fond of this ivy, I think that the stems were too thick.


Towns Guard
thank you so much your work is awesome it´a piece of art.
Oh Thank you! For me these works were just a training. Now I own a more dedicated hardware for drawing, like a proper wacom tablet. I'm doing works with natural environment now. I'll post some sample heres:

Anyway these are designed for background in platform games. They are still a project however, but I'm aiming on selling them in Artstation, as it don't take too much from each product sold. I think someday I'll return to MV Tilesets, but don't expect it too soon.