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"White Rose" GameDev 2019 Contest


"Wh....what? Where am I?" It was dark, almost pitch black if it were not for the faint purple light leaking through a door in front of me. The air stank of sulfur. There was no sound. It was so soundless, the deafening high pitch noise that is almost literally the absence of sound, was ringing in my ears.
I was sitting on the cold concrete floor. I slowly stand up to my feet. The ringing noise within my ears dissipated with every sound of footstep. I make my way towards the wooden door and creak it open slowly. Sounds flooded my senses. The air became instantly moist.
"What the...?!....I gotta be dreaming...." Animals of all sorts made sounds all around the jungle floor and canopy. But.....what is this purple hue? All that was supposed to be green was tinged with purple. And....there was an eerie fog on the ground. That wasn't the only thing though....the animals...they sound....strange.
Birds cawed and chirped in a weird pitch and pattern. The screams of monkeys sounded gurgled and distorted.
"Wake up Ali, wake up!" I shut my eyes tight. "Wake up, this isn't real." But I didn't wake up. The sounds of the creatures filled my ears.....until...
"Why hello there!"
I jump back and open my eyes. It was...a man?
"My apologies young lady, I didn't mean to startle you.", he said. A smile grew on his noseless face revealing tons of razor sharp teeth.
I take a step back, "Who are you?!" The man reaches for something in his back pocket, reveals a rose, and bows while holding the flower in front of him. "Erli is my name."
Erli stood about five feet tall. He had two horns protruding from his forehead, and his eye sockets were empty. Erli wore suspenders fastened with a large buckled belt with two carrying pouches on either side. He wore thick mittens and a tied scarf. Even though Erli looked like some kind of monster, he was polite and his face seemed to always show an expression of pity.
"And what shall I call a beautiful rose such as yourself?", he said still bowing and offering the flower.
I cautiously reach out and accept the gift.
"M...My name is Alithea"....
"Ah....Alithea....what a pretty name." Erli turns around outstretching his arm towards the purple tinged jungle, Alithea.....welcome to hell."

This is my 2019 gamedev contest submission. I will be actively updating the progress of the game here. Let me know what you guys think of it so far!

The song attached is an original music piece made by me specifically for "White Rose".


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