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Winner of Election Number 2!


Staff member
Resource Team
Hello everyone! We're proud to say we have a winner of this election! It is @sage @MinisterJay ! Everyone congratulate MinisterJay! For winning this election, he is by far worthy of being mod, and is one that I'm greatly looking forward to having on the staff team. To everyone who has ran at one point, and was continuing to run. Good job, you all were good canidates, however there was only one winner!

To everyone, @sage won, but was quickly removed once we found out the blasphemy he did! He... He... Gave out not one... but TWO scoops of icecream to everyone! For that, we had to remove him from the mod position and give him back his admin position. However, because of that, everyone enjoy the new Icecream badge, and icecream smiley (icecream)


Towns Guard
Congratulations, MinisterJay! You've got quite the collection of banners! Enjoy your new color around the forums. Looking forward to see the work you'll do for the forum.

And great vanilla ice cream @sage! Sorry they disqualified you and you have to be a mere administrator now. Glad you decided to share the ice cream nonetheless! That's really nice and sportive of you.

Now ignore me while I enjoy my (icecream)


∠( ᐛ 」∠)_
Those ice creams look delicious. See, I told you Sage is the ice cream God and keep copy/paste them infinitely!

I could do this the whole day. We should seriously think about something to pay sage back for all this ice cream like the background you suggested (just gotta find some time and motivation tomorrow (jolly))


Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca
Congrats on winning, @Jay! I'm sure you'll be a great addition to our staff. =)

Better luck on the next election, @sage, you still have my vote. You as well, @EvilChibi, you were another great choice for moderator and I still would have been happy if you had won instead.
Thanks, Congrats minister Jay you will do us proud, Good job on winning :)