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Yanfly More Currencies Problems


So basically iv tried to follow her video on how to do it but it make no sense. Heres what i tried to do...

First i made my other Currency which i called Red gems.

Then i made a item called Swords of Flames

Under Sword of flames i have
<Variable Gem Buy Price: 10>

<Item Sword Of Flames Buy Price: 10>

and it does not seem to work what am i doing wrong?

Isaac The Red

Towns Guard
If you have yet to get this to work I can help, If your going to use the item names in the notetags you have to use the exact names so if you make an item Red Gem in your database and wish to use it to buy the sword of flames in the note box for the sword of flames you only have to put the note tag <Item Red Gem Buy Price: 10> and that's it, the second tag you have in there is basically a tag telling the game to buy the sword of flames it will also cost ten sword of flames...

Also, sometimes its easier to just use the id number of the item, so if your red gem item is item number 120 in your database you can instead use the tag <Item 120 Buy Price: 10>

so to summarize if your alternate currency is Red Gems and in your database is Red Gem, your tag needs either have the items ID# or actual name written as it is in its database entry. Your <Variable Gem Buy Price: 10> would be wrong because it's not the full name.